Masthuggskajen is part of the largest urban development project in the Nordic region called Älvstaden. The development of Masthuggskajen will strengthen the connections with adjacent areas in Gothenburg such as Järntorget, Långgatorna, Masthugget and Lindholmen on the other side of the river.

The area will be developed with new homes, workplaces and venues for culture and entertainment. The zoning plan for Masthuggskajen includes 1 300 dwellings and 5 000 – 6 000 new workplaces with a total area of 320 000 sqm BTA, split between housing and offices and the dwellings both rental apartments and condominiums will be built.

Masthuggskajen is also the first city development project certified by Citylab, developed by the Sweden Green Building Council. This is the first certification system involving city development adjusted to the Swedish conditions.

The project phase we are involved houses two office properties, Våghuset and Brick Studios, with protruding architecture. The tenants who move in have direct access to an excellent communication location, a large roof terrace and lovely views of both sea and land.

Hustal delivers load bearing steel structures.

Project G03 / EXC2

Masthamnsgatan 11
413 28 Göteborg