We are concerned not only about our direct work and its result, but also about the impact it leaves on the environment around us and on the planet. In our activities, we endeavour to be guided by sustainable solutions and implement them where we can do this because we realize its importance and significance.

Our activities comply with all requirements of environmental protection regulations, in various processes we use as few substances harmful to the environment and humans as possible. We rationally reduce consumption of energy and natural resources.

We fully cover our production needs and use only green power from renewable energy sources in Lithuania. There is a solar power plant generating 199.92 kW per year installed on the roof of our production building. In the year 2023, we plan to increase generation capacities and build a 120 kW solar power plant, so in future the amount of generated power will total 320 kW annually.
We pay attention to a sustainable environment on a daily basis by sorting and reducing the amount of waste at workplaces.